App Design: FitFeet

This article is a report on the design process for the creation of the FitFeet application. It describes how the design team conducted a usability test during the development of the FitFeet application. The goals of our test included establishing an expectation regarding the user performance and identifying potential pitfalls to be addressed in the next design iterations. The goal we set for ourselves was to improve the efficiency and ease of use of the application interface. 

UX idea: Emojis are the new hieroglyphs

Chat Like an Egyptian is a web experiment to investigate the possible adoption of Emoji-based communication instead of a script-based one. Emoji are ubiquitous in messaging and are used as a way of expressing emotion and concepts. We are inspired in this paper by the apparent similarity between emoji and Egyptian hieroglyphs as a sort of a return to a primitive, but perhaps a more effective form of writing. We developed a web application that lets the two users join a chatroom and communicate exclusively through emoji.

App Design: Augmented Reality Guides

The product I’d like to present today is a platform for augmented-reality experiences targeted to museums and art galleries. The decline in attendance to museums is a problem I care about. Despite numerous attempts to attract new visitors this trend doesn't seem to slow down any time soon. It’s becoming increasingly important to leverage new technology to enhance the value proposition of exhibitions. The presented platform would consist primarily in a customisable mobile app that replaces the old devices used for guided tours and enables new interactions.