The portfolio is divided into the following section: Startup work, App design, Business design, UX idea, Product design (revisions). For some other of my programming projects, check out Github.

Startup work: Kollin.io Redesign (article)

Startup work: Kollin.io User Research (article)

App design: Wealthbet (article)

App design: FitFeet (article)

App design: Augmented Reality Guides (article)

Business design: Savelet (article)

Business design: MedicAI (article)

Business design: Pitcheria (article)

UX idea: Draw shapes with your hand (article)

UX idea: Emojis are the new hieroglyphs (article)

UX idea: Tab Management (article)

UX idea: Live voice messages (article)

Product Design: Macbook Pro revision (article)

Product Design: Nintendo Switch revision (article)