UX lessons from East

One of the most interesting phenomena relative to interaction paradigms is how mobile is increasingly pervasive in our everyday life. We're transitioning from a desktop-centric approach to technology to a mobile one. It's interesting to notice though, that in some places in the world (especially in China) mass adoption of computing devices started directly with smartphones. ( ... )

Why the iPhone X is genius

 Everyone even remotely passionate about tech should have heard by now the announcement of the new iPhone X. I’ve talked with most of my geeky friends about it and their thoughts range from “it’s too expensive”, “the name is so confusing”, to “Apple’s lost its own way” and “it is not a worthy upgrade”. I think these points couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Let’s talk about them in depth. ( ... )

Imagining the Switch revision

 As for every new consumer product release, plenty of ifs and buts are frantically talked about by the fans. The forums are full of wish-lists for what the revision of the console may be (i.e. r/NintendoSwitch). In this article I try to imagine what feature and tweaks the future version may realistically have, both from a technological and economical standpoint. The Switch I believe is a great console and represents a new paradigm for gaming. Following are some of  the ideas and designs I’d like to see implemented. ( ... )