Imagining the Macbook Pro revision

I really dislike the new Macbook. It may be ’cause my daily driver for more than 5 years was a 2009 Macbook Pro. I loved the design: sturdy, with awesome keyboard and upgradable. It lasted without too many hiccups for all that time in a world where the upgrade cycle of many electronic products is no more than two years. After a brief switch to the Microsoft Surface I wanted my old laptop back, or even better; the closest thing I could buy. The Apple lineup just refreshed with the ‘new’ Macbook Pro 2016. I was so disappointed by what I saw where once you could buy beautiful design with convenient build and inputs. I ended up buying the 2015 model (in my opinion, the last great laptop Apple made). In this article I’m going to present what the dream revision from the new model could look like.

Imagining the Switch revision

 As for every new consumer product release, plenty of ifs and buts are frantically talked about by the fans. The forums are full of wish-lists for what the revision of the console may be (i.e. r/NintendoSwitch). In this article I try to imagine what feature and tweaks the future version may realistically have, both from a technological and economical standpoint. The Switch I believe is a great console and represents a new paradigm for gaming. Following are some of  the ideas and designs I’d like to see implemented.