UX idea: Meditation Ball

Meditation is an extremely current practice and I get routinely drawn to it. This exploratory project investigates meditation through the HCI framework of Embodied Cognition. Leveraging studies and research on the field and basing design decisions on the Eight-factor model we explore how technology can support and augment mindfulness practices. A foam ball is usedContinue reading “UX idea: Meditation Ball”

Interaction Design: Draw shapes with your hand

This drawing application “prettifies” drawn shapes. For example, if the user draws a rough rectangle the application is going to make it pretty/regularized (i.e. with four straight lines) and of the appropriate size. The user will be able to change the color of the stroke, the fill and also the width of the stroke before drawing.

UX idea: Emojis are the new hieroglyphs

Chat Like an Egyptian is a web experiment to investigate the possible adoption of Emoji-based communication instead of a script-based one. Emoji are ubiquitous in messaging and are used as a way of expressing emotion and concepts. We are inspired in this paper by the apparent similarity between emoji and Egyptian hieroglyphs as a sort of a return to a primitive, but perhaps a more effective form of writing. We developed a web application that lets the two users join a chatroom and communicate exclusively through emoji.

App Design: Augmented Reality Guides

The product I’d like to present today is a platform for augmented-reality experiences targeted to museums and art galleries. The decline in attendance to museums is a problem I care about. Despite numerous attempts to attract new visitors this trend doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. It’s becoming increasingly important to leverage new technology to enhance the value proposition of exhibitions. The presented platform would consist primarily in a customisable mobile app that replaces the old devices used for guided tours and enables new interactions.

Interaction Design: Tab Management

Another post, another UX idea! The latest browsers releases are not the memory hogs they once were, but one of the things they cannot yet handle perfectly are tabs. It must’ve happened to you as well: after an afternoon of merrily browsing the net you end up with dozens of tabs open. It’s still difficult to handle for most browser: I’m looking particularly at you Chrome! This is not an issue only from a technological standpoint, but also an UX one. Too many tabs are difficult to have a complete picture of, they cannot be meaningfully grouped and are not really visible. Today’s idea will try to solve this.

Interaction Design: Live Voice Messages

Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of what messaging apps are and how I use them. Messaging applications went beyond mere text and emojis. Now most of the messages comprise GIFs, stickers, videos, voice messages etc… These last ones now trumps most of the everyday messages I send and are at the core of today’s idea.