Startup work: Redesign is a startup I worked at in Sweden in the education field. It provides students with additional and organized material to support exams preparation. I was the UX design lead and Project manager and was tasked with the redesign of the website and after that the design of a mobile web application. I include in this page some files when relevant and that were approved by the company (much is omitted for confidentiality).

The first stage of the process started with research. Several activities were undertook:

  • User interviews
  • Competitor analysis
  • Learning-experience literature review
  • Lightning demos

In the second stage it is all about the UX and information architecture. The activities were:

After having set up the basis for the UX and User Journeys, the activities revolved around the graphical and visual part of the project. In this stage I helped guiding the visual design and took care of the UI. Some activities were:

While I performed evaluation sessions at each step in some way or another the bulk of the tests were done at the end of the design sprints. They included first and foremost users of the website and in some cases members of the product team.

  • User testing
  • User interviews
  • Analytics analysis
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs

Under the article I attach the Figma file for the smartphone web application. It consisted in an adaptation of the main site, given that it was not planned until the completion of the web version. Nonetheless it successfully managed to offer a great and streamlined offering. Overall the project managed to increase the satisfaction rate (survey) and we had more recurring users staying for longer (Google Analytics).

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I'm a computer science major who loves entrepreneurship and UX design.

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